Security Concepts Solar Parks

Security concepts for Solar and Photovoltaic Parks

Solar and Photovoltaic Parks require, considering their geographical location, the fact of rarely present personnel and the high financial losses during operational disturbance by break-ins, a careful planning, harmoniously integrated systems and a professional installation:

  • Mechanical protection by fences, gates and barriers
  • Detection of unauthorized entry by different systems of Outdoor Perimeter Protection
  • Verification and documentation of the event by high performance Video Surveillance Systems
  • Gap free video monitoring using algorithmic image analysis or automated High Speed Dome cameras
  • Illumination of the observed area by infrared and/or white light beams
  • Turning on of external sirens and existing lighting systems
  • Immediate alerting of the local central station with a fast reaction to the alarm
  • Display of alarm reason and area at the Alarm Systems custom language LCD Keypad
  • Control Building is protected from break-in and fire by Alarm System
  • Person and time-related documentation of authorized access to the solar park
  • Fully functionally, even in case of power failure, by back-up battery operated power supplies for at least 24 hrs.
  • Permanent monitoring of e.g. Power Currency, technical disturbances etc. with immediate information of the central station
  • Cost-effective Maintenance using remote diagnostics, remote maintenance and remote programming by Modem connection
  • Independent IP-Webcam, with no connection to security sensitive Video System, linked on your homepage for visitors of the park
  • Flexibly expandable by foresighted planning and the use of modular components
  • Storage of all system events like e.g. Alarms, Disturbances, Arm/Disarm, Working hours etc. over several months
  • Possibility of viewing the systems event log and controlling the security system over an Internet portal
  • All components are certified, meet European Alarm Device requirements and correspond to highest security standards
  • Accepted and recommended security concepts by considerable insurance companies

As an independent Company we offer important advantages:
  • Local presence at several locations in Europe
  • Perfect, based on the individual requirements of the park and customer, developed security concepts from planning to connecting to a local central station
  • Fast, noncommittal and free quotations, also for existing Solar parks
  • No manufacturer distributor! We guarantee a neutral consulting, planning and installation
  • Affordable maintenance and service costs by constantly available local personnel, of course even after the installation
  • Communication solutions in areas where no DSL or telephone connection is available
  • Certified Installer with many years of experience
  • Customer references upon request